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5 Benefits of Geothermal Heating and Cooling

Geothermal energy is quickly becoming the choice of energy all over the country. It can be installed in a new or existing home. An experienced professional can help you to select what size of system will be right for your home, as well as what type of loop will be the best. We can also examine your home to make sure it is as energy efficient as possible. The geothermal system moves heat through the pipes underground to your home in the winter. You will always have energy for you home because the source can never be used up. This is beneficial because the ground temperatures are more constant year-round. The geothermal energy system can then run more efficiently than other energy systems. Geothermal energy is also one of the most clean energy systems you can invest in.


Geothermal Energy is durable


The geothermal energy system is extremely reliable. This system has no defrost cycle so there is less wear on components of it. Geothermal energy also runs at top efficiency. The geothermal system is not subject to harsh weather conditions so it requires little maintenance. This can help the geothermal system last for many years.


Geothermal Energy can provide comfort


Having a geothermal energy system can let you live in comfort. Since this system heats evenly, you can eliminate the chance of hot spots or cold spots in your home. Also, geothermal energy systems do not generate air as hot as that from a furnace. This means that your home can maintain a comfortable level of humidity. The temperature in your home will also remain constant and comfortable.


Geothermal Energy is environmentally safe


A geothermal energy system can help to minimize any environmental threats that are typically caused by fossil fuels burning. Geothermal systems do not create any air pollution or greenhouse gases. Since this system has no outdoor components above ground, it will not add to the noise pollution. It is actually so quiet that you will not be able to tell when it is on and running.


The air Geothermal Energy provides is clean


If you suffer from allergies or asthma, a geothermal system can be beneficial for you. This system does not require outside air for combustion, so spores and pollen are not introduced into your home during the allergy season. Also, the geothermal system will run longer than a gas furnace, so it ends up filtering the air more. As the air is filtered, it becomes cleaner. A geothermal system will not add combustion by-products into your home as well. There are no pilot lights, odors, or fumes to worry about.


Hot water can be produced from Geothermal Energy


With a geothermal energy system, the hot water can be practically free in the summer. This is because the hot water is extracted from your home when it is warm outside. Year-round, a geothermal system is up to thirty percent less expensive to operate. The reason is the system helps to reduce the amount of electricity or gas that is consumed by your water heater.

Geothermal Energy for your home

Investing in a geothermal energy system for your home can be beneficial to help heat it in the winter. While it initially costs more to install, it is paid back within a few years. Geothermal energy is typically installed under the ground of your yard. It can be installed either vertically or horizontally, depending on how much room you have. The best part of geothermal energy is that the source of the power never runs out. This is because it uses energy produced from the Earth and transfers it to your home for energy you can use.


What is Geothermal Energy?


When you incorporate geothermal energy into your home, you will be using the ground as a heat pump. This is what will be responsible for heating your entire home. The heat will then transfer through an air distribution system. This will be made up of pipes that extend the perimeter of your home and are also buried under the ground. The geothermal system will use the energy that is provided underground. Earth’s temperature remains constant, so you will be able to access energy at all times. It can also be obtained in a low intensity and shallow depth, which is a perfect condition for heating your home efficiently.


When can Geothermal Energy be installed?


The geothermal energy system can be installed as long as there is not frost in the ground. Since the installation requires a lot of digging underground, it is near impossible to install once the frost comes. If you are interested in geothermal energy, call us so we can provide you with what would be an ideal time to install it. A qualified technician should perform the installation. The ground heat exchanger is made up of a closed loop or open loop pipe system. The closed loop is the most common when installed. This includes the pipes being buried horizontally at four to six feet deep. It could also be buried vertically at one hundred to four hundred feet deep. These pipes are also filled with an environmentally safe solution that will act as the heat exchanger. During the winter, the solution in the pipes extracts the heat from the earth and carries it to your home, so you can make sure your home is warm and comfortable.


Benefits of Geothermal Energy


The best benefit to geothermal energy is it can help cut your heating costs by up to eighty percent. While this amount is dependent on several factors, you will defiantly see a reduction in the monthly energy costs. You can start to see the payback from installing a geothermal energy system between two and ten years. The geothermal energy system is also environmentally friendly. It is a renewable source of energy, so it will never be used up completely. The energy is also coming from the ground, which will be available to you anytime. It can also be obtained at a lower rate than that of non-renewable resources and fossil fuels. You can also help to reduce the amount of pollution that is created by using a geothermal energy source.